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Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®)

 Hospitality supervisors must have effective skills such as leadership, time management, and communication. They must keep pace with change, improve their knowledge, and share their experience with others. The Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS®) provides recognition for these skills. The CHS® designation may be used on letterhead, business cards, and other writings. 


 Prerequisites :

Candidate time in position: 3 months, OR

One current AHLEI supervisor, management, department head, or executive certification eliminates time requirement 

Completion of AHLEI’s Supervisory Skill Builders series eliminates time requirement.


Qualifying Candidate

A person who supervises two or more individuals; has job duties in the hospitality industry that are at least 20 percent supervisory in nature and include such tasks as scheduling, training, interviewing, disciplining, inspecting, and conducting performance reviews; makes decisions and judgment calls while performing daily duties; and has input on hiring and firing decisions within a department.


 Recertification: None.

Topics covered

1.         Supervision

2.         Leadership

3.         Time Management

4.         Effective Communication

5.         Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

6.         Orientation and Training

7.         Motivation and Team Building

8.         Staffing and Scheduling

9.         Improving Employee Performance



Candidates must submit an application and meet the necessary prerequisites. The CHS® program must be completed within six months from enrollment.


Fee includes

First exam

Certificate and lapel pin upon successful completion of the exam 


Suggested study material

Supervisory Skill Builders program



We require that individuals arrange to take their examination under the supervision of an approved proctor.

English Exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a two-hour time period.

Chinese Exam consists of 125 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within a three-hour time period.

Passing score: 70% or higher.

Two retakes are allowed if a candidate does not pass the exam. The fee is $125 and must be completed within the same six-month time frame of enrollment.